Making incident reporting easier and meaningful

With user friendly, intuitive app-like user interface, incident reporting is made easy, quick and effective. By keeping all stakeholders aware of the status and progress of the incident in real time, the entire process becomes meaningful and encourages participation from all staff.

Built-in healthcare best practice

QUASR is developed with in-depth healthcare industry knowledge and system implementation experience. It adopts WHO and other international guidelines on patient safety. Hospitals moving from manual to web-based system stand to benefit from the standard software.

Quick to launch – deliver more value faster

Project duration is in weeks rather than months. Clients are encouraged to leverage on the best practice and reports readily available in the standard software. This approach minimises project time and cost and optimises value and performance to clients.

Niche, affordable and comprehensive

A web and mobile-enabled integrated healthcare management solution. Offering workflow automation, data analytics and reporting in incident management, audit & inspection, feedback & survey and risk management.

Data analytics, reporting and dashboard capabilities

Incident data captured can help identify hazards, provide insights into failure modes and risks, design interventions and provide lessons learnt for sharing. Built-in data analytics, reporting and dashboard capabilities.

Secure web and mobile-enabled architecture

All levels of security features are built in the framework. Role-based control access to data. Data is also protected based on business roles, with separate database for each hospital. A range of deployment options – from cloud-based SaaS (at AWS) to hosted and on-premises.


Integration with other enterprise applications or legacy systems is implemented via standard interfaces like csv, xml database or standard REST APIs. Where applicable, domain specific interfaces like HL7 messaging can be made available.

Innovative technology, Rich features

Modular and efficient, built-in visual feedback, reactive and asynchronous to deliver app-like user experience on the desktop. Designed for simplicity, mobility, scalability and multi- lingual.