Key Features

One app, all screen sizes, anywhere you go!

Reporting an incident is quick and easy. The earlier the incident is reported, the better. We help you do just that. QUASR is responsive on all devices and screen sizes. So, you can report an incident from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere, without having to download or install any app!

And, a picture speaks a thousand words! Capture picture or video directly from your phone or tablet and enrich your incident report with more information.

Visualize your data. Insightful, Interactive, Informative

Data Analytics is a key part of any business process and we make it easy for you by presenting the data in useful and meaningful way, so you can gather actionable insights. You can analyze the data, look for trends, interact with the charts and filters all within the browser/phone. Just click

All flags are in your control. Just a click away

We understand it is important for stakeholders to know how serious an incident is or how volatile a case is. All indicators are visually highlighted in a prominent location so you can’t miss it.

As a Quality Manager, you can manage these flags at all times. Flag any incident as SRE or Legal or Media case and more, all with a single click.

Collaborate. Discuss. Share. Learn.

A lot happens from the time an incident occurs until it gets investigated and closed. So much discussion happens offline, be it queries, clarifications and actions back and forth among the stakeholders that goes undocumented. QUASR provides you with a Discussion board. A private discussion platform for every single incident, for discussions, sharing more information as well as encourage learning. You can post a query, provide more information, voice your thoughts, share insights from past incidents and much more.

Involve staff as and when needed. On demand!

Different incidents call for different approaches and stakeholders, be it assessment or investigation. QUASR allows you to notify staff on demand, so that you can keep certain staff informed of the incident and do so on a case by case basis. As a Quality Manager you also have full control on allowing or revoking access to staff depending on the sensitivity of the case

History is important! Friendly Audit trail to show logs is friendly to your eyes

We understand system logs can be overwhelming especially when it is not so easy to make sense out of it. Either it is too much information or too technical. QUASR offers a friendly audit trail showing you the history of all actions taken place within an incident, in chronological order.

Protect Identity

Want to encourage whistle blowers? Empower your staff with QUASR to encourage more reporting. With QUASR, any user can report an incident and have the option to Protect their identity. As an organization, you can have an effective system to identify weakness, mitigate risk and prevent harm.

Sensitive stuff needs special attention

We understand the importance, severity as well as the sensitivity of incidents. Not all incidents can be processed the same way! QUASR gives you the ability to flag sensitive cases, so you can continue to track and process them in the system but with stricter access restrictions.

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