Make incident reporting easy, meaningful and secure 

Incident management is an essential part of patient safety management. It is a rather complex process involving many stages across various departments in your hospital. When incident reporting process is managed manually, you will find it ineffective and lacking in security control measures for data protection.

Likewise, legacy online incident reporting systems typically do not provide complete workflow automation. Many of the inefficiencies remain due to system limitations.

You may be facing these challenges in your daily operations:

  • Incident forms are cumbersome and take time to fill
  • Nurses are busy and unable submit an incident report promptly
  • Under-reporting partly due to fear of punitive actions
  • Information is scattered and not available in single location
  • Manual or semi-automated process is unproductive
  • Concern over data privacy and protection
  • Lack of real-time actionable data
  • Poor visibility of safety and quality performance

How QUASR Helps

Making incident reporting easy

QUASR makes incident reporting easy in several ways. For the reporting person, it is done in two stages. First, when an incident occurs, quickly send a notification with minimal information. Incident details can be provided in the next step using stepper forms. Guided questions with skip logic give a good user experience while ensuring all relevant information is captured. You can save as draft, attend to some urgent tasks, and come back to complete the details later.

QUASR is also designed to make incident monitoring, assessment and investigation efficient for Quality Managers, HODs and other stakeholders. You can filter and search by incident status, incident type and department. All key information is clearly displayed at the header of each incident page, including flags marking incident as serious reportable event (SRE), sensitive or potential legal/media case.

Lean and streamlined workflow, neat and clear page layout make it easy to navigate and find information you need. You can access the system with your mobile phone or tablet.

Meaningful, collaborative platform

We make it more meaningful for you to report an incident by giving you access to incident status and the outcome of the incident you reported. There are features in QUASR to loop in other stakeholders to participate in a discussion specific to each incident.

While QUASR is designed for effective communication and learning through collaboration, we are also conscious of the need to protect data privacy and sensitive information. It is a fine balancing act. When content is deemed sensitive, incidents can be marked as sensitive and information access will be limited to authorised personnel.

Hospital administrators and management level staff will benefit from timely information, actionable data and visibility on safety performance.

Data privacy compliant and Secure

QUASR is hosted on a secured Amazon Web Services (AWS) private cloud. All data is fully owned by your hospital. Multiple security measures to protect personal data are in place. Transmission control ensures data is encrypted before it is transmitted to the server. Encryption controls are set at database layer and data at rest including backups.

Database is protected by both user login-based access control and by network-based login restrictions. Integrity and confidentiality controls are in the form of role-based user access, password policies, audit logs and server logs.

Our hosted services terms and conditions ensure compliant to data protection laws and regulations, including GDPR.


A collaborative platform to drive continuous improvement 

QI Manager is an online system for managing quality improvement (QI) initiatives. The solution offers an end-to-end workflow from initial submission of improvement ideas, review and approval by department and committees, to implementation, monitoring and evaluation of outcome.

We help to address the challenges you face in implementing quality improvement initiatives:

  • Manually managing QI initiatives is unproductive and ineffective
  • Coordinating cross-discipline initiatives is a challenge
  • Difficult to monitor and track initiative outcome and results
  • Poor performance visibility to senior management

How QUASR Helps

A platform to drive engagement and collaboration

QUASR QI Manager encourages wider staff engagement by having an online system for staff to submit ideas and suggestions. It also provides a single online platform to facilitate communication and collaboration among project team members, department and quality committees. Information can be uploaded for reference, while the discussion board is ideally suited for collaboration.

Automated and structured workflow for efficiency

QI Manager has a structured format for staff to suggest improvements. This ensures all key aspects, such as the problem to be solved, proposed solution, expected benefits and potential risks, are considered and well defined. Workflow automation through various levels of review and approval brings efficiency gains.

Effective monitoring of outcome and results

QI Manager has a built-in ready-to-use process that enables active staff collaboration, tracking project implementation and monitoring the actual results.

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