Make incident reporting easy, meaningful and secure 

Incident management is an essential part of patient safety management. It is a rather complex process involving many stages across various departments in your hospital. When incident reporting process is managed manually, you will find it ineffective and lacking in security control measures for data protection.

Likewise, legacy online incident reporting systems typically do not provide complete workflow automation. Many of the inefficiencies remain due to system limitations.

You may be facing these challenges in your daily operations:

  • Incident forms are cumbersome and take time to fill
  • Nurses are busy and unable submit an incident report promptly
  • Under-reporting partly due to fear of punitive actions
  • Information is scattered and not available in single location
  • Manual or semi-automated process is unproductive
  • Concern over data privacy and protection
  • Lack of real-time actionable data
  • Poor visibility of safety and quality performance