Quick to launch

Designed for hospitals in Asia, QUASR’s lean and automated workflow is a good fit for most hospitals. Quick and easy to deploy, it helps you to save time and cost. QUASR is a modular system, so you can prioritize and start with the most urgent process for automation. Pay for what you need and expand further when you are ready. Benefit from a ready-to-use system with built-in best practices.

Rich user experience

QUASR is designed to promote user adoption and engagement. We achieve this by using modern technologies, smart features, and a intuitive user interface. QUASR can work on all devices with a browser and an internet connection! QUASR brings an app-like interface without requiring any installations.


Affordable and Secure SaaS

We make patient safety solutions affordable and accessible to all hospitals, regardless of size and type. QUASR is cost-effective and hosted on a secure cloud at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Extensive security measures are incorporated in the design. All the data is stored securely in encrypted databases and is fully owned by your hospital..