Turning Incident Reporting into Improvements

In QUASR, we ask “What is the purpose and value of incident reporting in healthcare?” It is a trigger for active participation in a process of investigation, improvement, and learning. The quest for patient safety starts, rather than ends, with incident reports.


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QUASR - A Ready-to-Use Incident Reporting System for Healthcare

QUASR is a modern, efficient, and secure cloud-based incident reporting system.  Designed for all healthcare settings to effectively manage incidents, identify risks, and implement corrective actions. Quick to deploy and scalable, QUASR is a complete solution to digitalize incident reporting in your organization.

quick to deploy

Quick to deploy and fast time to value

Deploy a ready-to-use cloud-based solution with built-in best practices. Derive benefits and see quick results from your initiative.

  • ● Ready to use cloud-based solution
  • ● Built-in healthcare best practices
  • ● SaaS delivery model and easy onboarding
rich user experience

Rich user experience

Engage everyone in your organization to report incidents to promote safety. Manage incidents with intuitive user interface, lean and efficient workflow.

  • ● Modern, intuitive user interface (UI)
  • ● Lean and efficient workflow
  • ● Mobile friendly
actionable insights

Gain insights and make improvements

Gain actionable insights from data analytics and follow up with improvement actions.

  • ● Automate workflow and report generation to free up your time
  • ● Gain greater insights into your performance from reports and dashboards
  • ● Focus your effort on making improvements
smart technology

Smart technology and features

Use smart technology and tools to send alerts, identify risks and weaknesses, and make your work easier.

  • ● Stepper form with skip logic to make reporting incident easier
  • ● Incident flags to alert stakeholders
  • ● RCA tool to digitalize the process

Affordable and secure enterprise-class solution

Migrate to an affordable and secure solution to fully digitalize your incident management processes.

  • ● Cost-effective for individual or group of hospitals
  • ● Enterprise license and scalable
  • ● Role-based access
  • ● All levels of security are built in framework
collaborative learning

Collaborative and learning platform

Go beyond incident reporting to collaborate on improvement actions and share lessons learnt.

  • ● Reporting person given access to incident status (except for incidents flagged as sensitive)
  • ● On-demand notification to loop in other stakeholders
  • ● Discussion board to encourage greater participation from stakeholders
  • ● Make information accessible while ensuring data integrity and confidentiality

Who is QUASR For?

QUASR is designed to suit all types of healthcare settings: from clinics, nursing homes, to small and medium hospitals all the way up to an enterprise group of hospitals.

Helps hospitals of any size to better manage their incident management process. You can report, track & monitor all types of clinical, workplace & security incidents and manage them.

Individual Hospitals

Lets you be in control of what type of incidents you want to track. You can use over 25 built-in incident types or configure your own types.

Nursing Homes/Specialty Centers

Optimized for Group Hospitals. Each facility has full control of their data, while the Group Management gets a bird’s eye view of all their facilities performance.

Group of Hospitals

Why You Need QUASR Incident Reporting Software?

Achieve patient safety goals

Achieve patient safety goals

Set benchmarks and monitor your patient safety goals in real-time.

Adopt industry's best practices

Adopt industry's best practices

5-stage incident workflow including performing risk assessment, investigation and RCA.


Make better decisions

Identify risks and track trends. Visualize your data. All with our interactive dashboards.

Flexible deployment options

Flexible deployment options

QUASR is flexible and scalable to organize due to the modular structure. With many options, you can customize each feature to your own needs.


Easy implementation

QUASR is easy to set up in quick time due to the user-friendly interface. Our consultants are ready to help with your configuration.


Low Total Cost of Ownership

QUASR pricing policies are transparent. Our cost in terms of licensing, customization, support and training are affordable.

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