Ready-to-use Incident Reporting System for Healthcare

Secure and Affordable Patient Safety Solution on the Cloud. Digitizing incident management processes has never been this easy. Talk to us to find out how.

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best practices.
Adopt industry best practices

5-stage incident workflow including performing risk assessment, investigation and RCA.

set goals.
Achieve your patient safety goals

Set benchmarks and monitor your patient safety goals in real-time.

better decisions.
Make better decisions

Identify risks. Track trends. Analyse your statistics. Visualise your data. All with our real-time interactive dashboards.

QUASR Lite, an incident repository for the Quality team

Are you in charge of Quality and Patient Safety in your organization? Do you track incident reports manually or in excel? QUASR Lite is just for you!

digitize your process.
Digitize your incident records

Spend your valuable time in managing incidents and not in maintaining files. Record and track your incidents, generate statistics all from one place. Digitize your incident reports.

improved productivity.
Raise productivity and performance

Cut out the possibility for human error and digitize your incident reports. Keep your data accurate and confidential. Spend your time on analyzing statistics and trends, not on paperwork and followups.

work from anywhere.
Work from anywhere

The way everyone works is changing. Access your incident records and documents while on the move, anytime from anywhere.

Who is this for?
Who is QUASR for?

QUASR is designed to suit all types of healthcare settings: from clinics, nursing homes, to small/medium hospitals all the way upto an enterprise group of hospitals.

single hospitals.
Individual Hospitals

QUASR helps hospitals of any size and any type to better manage their incident management process. You can report, track and monitor all types of Clinical incidents, Workplace and Security incidents and manage them in one place.

nursing homes.
Nursing homes and Speciality centers

QUASR lets you be in control of what type of incidents you want to track. You can use over 25 built-in incident types or configure your own types.

group of hospitals.
Group of Hospitals

QUASR is optimized for Group Hospitals. Each facility has full control of their own data, while the Group Management gets a bird’s eye view of all their facilities performance.

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