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Quality and Risk Managers in Healthcare

Common Challenges in Incident Reporting

Blame culture, under-reporting

One of the common challenges is under-reporting. This is due to several factors such as lack of patient safety awareness, a blame culture, or a perceived lack of purpose to report.

Manual process is inefficient, lack quality data

Using paper-based incident reporting is difficult to ensure quality and timeliness of data capture. A manual incident management process is ineffective especially for large healthcare settings.

Tracking improvement actions

Most legacy incident reporting systems focus on reporting incidents and analyzing data. But it should not stop there. The system should track improvement actions.

Implementing effective measures

RCA is a critical step in incident management process. After the RCA, the quality team should recommend stronger and more effective measures to be implemented.

No proper feedback loop for reporting staff

No proper feedback loop to keep the reporting person informed on the status of the incident, investigation, and lessons learnt from it. Without a proper feedback, many staff will lack motivation to report the incidents.

Learning from adverse events

The ultimate objective of incident reporting is to share lessons learned. This requires participation from all to promote a safety culture and share best practices.

See How QUASR Helps your Organization in Incident Reporting & Improvement

Firstly, QUASR makes it quick and easy for users to report incidents. Intuitive user interface, stepper forms to capture incident details, mobile friendly and option to protect identity are some of the key features in QUASR.
In QUASR, you can avail of a comprehensive solution with a fully automated workflow from incident notification, initial review and quality review to risk assessment, investigation/RCA, corrective action and signoff. It makes your incident reporting process efficient and effective.
Your reporting staff and stakeholders are given access to incidents reported and be informed of the status, investigation outcome and recommendations. However, when an incident is flagged “Sensitive” for confidentiality, you can limit user access.
QUASR is an effective communication platform to keep your stakeholders in the loop. It is also a collaborative platform for active participation by stakeholders, enabled by innovative features such as Incident Flags, Notify, Discussion Board and Notes.
Investigation-and-RCA Investigation is a key functionality in QUASR. Contributing factors are configurable, with London Protocol being the pre-configured contributing factors. Digital RCA tool makes the RCA process easier and faster. RCA reviews can be tagged to specific incidents, allowing for aggregated RCA to be conducted for similar incidents.
You can use Action Tracker to assign, monitor and follow up on corrective actions. Manage all your actions in one place.

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