Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting in Healthcare Guide: A Step Towards Improved Patient Safety

Hypothetically, if you ask someone where you are likely more going to meet with an accident — in a hospital […]

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Under-reporting Patient Safety Incidents: A Real Problem

Under-reporting is a critical issue that should be analyzed and treated by the hospitals on priority. Learn more about under-reporting here.

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An Introduction to QUASR Basic

In this post, allow us to introduce QUASR Basic to you. How it is different from Lite, what more does it offer, and how it can fit well in your process

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Why should you keep your process simple

When you have a legacy system and are looking to keep the same process in your digital system, Or when you want to map your existing manual process as-is into the new system – Both these approaches, frankly, are inefficient

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excel reporting

How To Create-Track-Monitor Incident Report Using Excel?

We understand that automation isn’t an easy task. It is an expensive and technical process that not all hospitals can adopt. We present to you a simple alternative, that won’t cost you a dime.

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Digitization – A Pathway Towards Digital Transformation

‘Digitization is information’ and ‘Digitalization is process’—let’s understand what primarily set both terms apart and how digitalization is moving towards the digital formation – the future.

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paper digital

Moving from a paper-based system to a digital system

This article expounds on the effects of a paper-based vs a digital system on the incident reporting process and the various aspects to consider when moving to a digital system from a paper-based one.

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Digitize vs Digitalize

There is a small but appreciable difference between the two. Read on to know more…

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A brief introduction to Lite

QUASR Lite is an online incident repository for hospitals. It is a simple data capture tool and allows you to capture the incident data in a structured format. It makes your life easy to gather incident statistics and generate reports.

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World Patient Safety Day 2020 – A video collage

We kickstarted our World Patient Safety Day 2020 celebrations in September 2020. One of our campaigns was called “Conversations with”, […]

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