We Understand Patient Safety, Quality and Risk Management in Healthcare

We started out providing process consulting and IT system implementation services to hospitals. Patient safety and quality management has always been our domain. Using generic and configurable platforms, our previous work involved heavy system customization to suit hospital requirements. These projects were costly and time-consuming. While the approach worked for large hospitals, small to mid-sized hospitals simply could not afford it.

We believe that patient safety should be a top priority for all hospitals regardless of size and type. While this may seem obvious, studies show that as many as 1 in 10 patients are harmed while receiving care. 50% of patient safety incidences are preventable. Hospitals in many parts of Asia and other low to middle-income economies are the most impacted by these adverse events.

Today, many hospitals are operating without effective hospital management systems to mitigate risks and prevent harm. There is a need for suitable solutions designed for hospitals in Asia.

Our vision and story is to make patient safety solutions affordable and accessible to all hospitals. Quick to deploy and simple to use. A platform for hospitals to implement best practices and build a safety and quality culture.

So we set out to design and develop QUASR!

This is QUASR Story.

What does QUASR really mean?

It’s Simple. QUASR means Quality, Safety and Risk Management in Healthcare.

Who We Are

We live by our mission, to design an affordable digitalized incidents management platform. It is a ready-to-use and effective solution designed to help hospital administrators, medical staff, quality managers and care providers deliver safe and quality care.

We’re a bunch of curious, creative people who want to do the best work of our lives and support each other in the journey of growth.

Our leadership team includes some of the most experienced mentors in the technology industry.

QUASR Employees

What We Do

At QUASR, we’ve crafted and built an affordable and easy to use platform powered by cutting-edge technologies like Workflow Automation, Business Intelligence Tools, and more that allows us to address the needs of our clients in a way that reflects our focus on delivering a world-class solution.

Our first and foremost goal is 100% client satisfaction, and hence, QUASR follows healthcare industry’s best practices and proven methodologies to deliver software solutions of the highest quality for the customers.

Meet QUASR Leadership Team

Hak Yek Tan
Founder and CEO

Hak, having implemented patient safety management solutions using non-healthcare platforms in several large hospital groups in Asia, has gained first-hand experience and insights into the challenges hospitals face. His motivation to venture into a B2B SaaS start-up with the vision of making patient safety management solutions easy to use, affordable and a priority in every hospital. That's why he built QUASR a secure cloud-based SaaS solution for Healthcare.

Vinoth 1
Vinoth Jayaprakasam
Vice President, Product Development

Vinoth is a dynamic and visionary leader with a proven track record in driving innovation and spearheading successful product development. With over 18 years of industry experience, he possesses a deep understanding of the product development lifecycle from ideation to launch. He demonstrates a unique ability to blend market insights, customer feedback, and emerging trends to create cutting-edge products that meet both user needs and business objectives.

Nalini Customer Success Manager
Nalini Jivarathnam
Customer Success Manager

Nalini a former State Registered Nurse, has 14 years of experience in various settings in healthcare. She is equipped with many different skills in hospital administration, management and nursing, dealing with internal & external customers. For the past few years, she has been utilizing her skills in incident reporting, audits, and corresponding with the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. Currently she heads the Customer Success team at QUASR.

Abishek Goda

A self-taught, strong technology leader with experience spanning a large spectrum of technologies - starting from hardware design and validation, FPGAs to full-stack software development, devops & solution architectures. Abishek has architected & developed QUASR, a SaaS healthcare governance platform, from the scratch. He also handled full stack front end libraries and the backend frameworks, database design and integration.