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QUASR makes it easy for users to report incidents and for quality and risk managers to conduct investigations and assign corrective actions. Real-time incident and risk statistics and insightful dashboards enable better decision making by the management. QUASR is a collaborative and learning platform too.

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Built For Healthcare Settings

Automated workflow

Incident management workflow is fully automated. QUASR adopts industry best practices and international guidelines on patient safety, incident management and quality improvement. Workflow automation paired with system triggered alerts ensure all your stakeholders are informed.

Risk assessment

Use a severity risk assessment slider to perform a risk assessment. Be it Severity Assessment Code (SAC) matrix, 5×5 risk matrix or your internal scoring method, QUASR severity risk assessment is tailored to suit your needs.

Clinical and workplace incidents

With over 25 built-in incident types and custom forms, from Clinical, Non-Clinical to Workplace safety incidents, QUASR offers the whole spectrum of incident types and categories pertaining to any healthcare settings.

Customizable To Your Needs


Configure the healthcare incident management software to suit your organization hierarchy and departments; incident categories, incident types and forms; contributing factors and much more.

Designer tool

Design your own incident forms to gather specific and relevant data. Keep it simple or as elaborate as you want. Configure it any time and in real time. Define your own incident types and forms with an easy-to-use user interface.

Option to protect identity

Negative repercussion for reporting is one of the most common causes for under reporting. Is anonymous reporting the best way? We think not. QUASR’s unique ‘Protect’ feature encourages staff to report without fear.

Real-Time Statistics and Dashboards


Track all your incidents in one place. Monitor and manage incidents by categories and types, status, departments and severity.

Real time statistics and insightful dashboards

View real-time incident statistics on home page and analyse incident trends from dashboards. Compare incident trends by weeks, months or years, interact with your data and analyze your statistics. Compare hospital and facility performances if you are a Group of Hospitals.

Powerful Widgets

Collaboration and communication

A lot happens from the time an incident occurs until it gets investigated and closed. With QUASR’s powerful widgets, you can collaborate, communicate, discuss and more.

Follow-up Actions

Assign, track and follow up on implementations and corrective actions with any staff. Track all actions in one place.

Flag them right

Flag incidents that are serious, externally reportable, sensitive, potential legal / media. Keep stakeholders informed on incidents requiring special attention to ensure prompt and appropriate response.

Digital RCA Tool and Action Track

Create Limitless 5 Whys

Flexible 5 Whys tool for analyzing or investigating incidents with single or multiple potential causes. Drill down each cause by repeatedly asking “why”, leading to identifying the root cause.

Ishikawa Diagrams Made Easy

Use a simple and intuitive graphical tool to generate a list of possible contributing factors of an incident. From this Fish Bone diagram root causes can be quickly identified.

Single RCA for Multiple Incidents

Conduct a single RCA for multiple incidents of similar features. Ideal for near misses or minor incidents which happen frequently and have not been previously investigated.


Use QUASR Action Tracker to assign and monitor risk mitigation actions recommended by the Investigation Team.

Mobile Friendly and Multilingual

Mobile Friendly Interface

QUASR user interface is responsive so you can work from anywhere anytime. View all your captured incidents across all devices be it desktop, tablet or mobile, while you are on the go.

Multilingual Support

QUASR let you use incident management software in your own language. For the ease of your staff, you can deploy QUASR Enterprise software in multiple local languages such as Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, etc.

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