QUASR 3.0 Release is Available Now

The latest release of QUASR 3.0 includes enhancements to further improve system functionalities and user experiences.

Highlights of the new release are:


1. New Digital RCA Tool

2. Dashboard with Drill Down feature

3. Enhancement to “Notes” widget to have “System Notes”

1. New Digital RCA Tool

At QUASR, we recognize the importance of performing formal root cause analysis to identify the underlying contributing factors and root causes in incidents that occurred. To this end, we have added a new digital RCA tool in our latest release. Users can create 5 Whys & Ishikawa Diagrams digitally with easy click and type functions. The graphical tool makes the RCA process easier and faster. RCA reviews will be archived and can be tagged to specific incidents.

Multiple Incidents RCA


The solution supports aggregated RCA or Multiple Incidents RCA (MIRCA). MIRCA method involves a single RCA to be conducted for multiple similar incidents, a practical way to save time and effort while ensuring RCAs are conducted as required by good quality management practices. Also, for the same incident, more than one RCAs can be conducted using different methods and tagged to that incident.


5 Whys

Create Limitless 5 Whys

Fish Bone Diagram

Ishikawa Diagram Made Easy

Multiple Incidents RCA (MIRCA)

Single RCA For Multiple Incidents

RCA2 Action Tracker


2. Dashboard with Drill Down

Dashboard Drill Down

QUASR comes with out-of-the-box incident reports and dashboards. In the new release, selected dashboards have been enhanced to include a drill down feature. Users can now click on a specific part of the bar chart and the related incidents status will be displayed.

3. User Notes and System Notes

“Notes” is one of the widgets available in QUASR. “User Notes” allows users to record new information or evidence as and when it becomes available throughout the incident management process. It ensures all relevant information is documented and kept in one place. Quality Manager can use “User Notes” to summarize key discussion points. “System Notes” are notes generated by the system, such as reasons for rejecting or delegating an incident. Content in both “User Notes” and “System Notes” can be printed in the final PDF Incident Report, if required.


QUASR - A Digitalized Incident Reporting System


With the addition of a new Digital RCA Tool, QUASR is offering even more value to customers – a comprehensive solution covering all the essential processes in incident management, from notification and initial review to quality review, risk assessment, investigation/RCA, corrective actions and signoff.


QUASR is also an effective collaborative and communication platform to keep stakeholders in the loop, enabled by user-friendly features such as Incident Flags, Discussion Board and Notes.

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