QUASR Premium – Full-featured, Configurable and Scalable

QUASR Premium is a full-featured solution including the Configuration Tool. It allows for an organizational set-up for a network of hospitals and healthcare facilities. The solution is customizable to meet your specific requirements (subject to system feasibility and additional cost).



QUASR Premium Edition Features for Individual or Group of Hospitals

Unlimited user licenses

Unlimited user licenses for licensed facilities

Everyone in the organization can be given access to report incidents online. Unlimited users for in-scope hospitals.

Group of Hospitals

Individual or group of hospitals/facilities

Designed for a single hospital or a group with multiple facilities. A centralized solution for the group.


Fully automated workflow

Full workflow automation from incident notification, supervisor review, to quality review, risk assessment, investigation/RCA, actions and signoff.

Full features including configuration tool

Full features including Configuration Tool

All features and functionalities are available in Premium Edition. Configure your own incident categories/types/forms using Configuration Tool.

Customizable to Scalable

Customizable to scalable

QUASR Premium Edition is customizable to meet client’s specific needs. Scalable to add new facilities. Email notification can be configured.


Reports and dashboards

View and analyse facility-level or group-level reports and dashboards.

Who is QUASR Premium For?

QUASR Premium is for hospitals and healthcare organizations looking for a configurable, scalable, and customizable incident reporting system to meet their specific needs.

QUASR Premium is perfectly integrated with robust track-monitor- manage features to serve multi-specialty hospitals with various branches. Through the single real-time dashboard, large hospitals can easily analyze trends.

Single Hospital/Healthcare Facility

From clinics to hospitals, groups of healthcare facilities can use built-in incident types and custom forms to pertain to any healthcare setting. You can effortlessly scale up and down software as per your requirements.

Group of Hospitals

Hospitals with multi national branches can easily configure the system to suit their business needs. We follow international patient safety, quality management, and multiple-languages to allow everyone to work with the same software.

Network of Healthcare Facilities

Benefits of QUASR Premium Edition

  • ✅ A centralized system for a group of hospitals and facilities
  • ✅ Streamlined and standardized workflow and reporting across the group
  • ✅ Individual and consolidated reports and performance dashboards
  • ✅ Scalable to add new hospitals and facilities
  • ✅ IT Admin to maintain user lists and make changes using Configuration Tool
  • ✅ Customizable to meet your specific requirements
  • ✅ Unlimited user licenses for in-scope facilities
  • ✅ Cost-effective, easy to set up and fast time to value

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