Digital RCA Tool

Digital RCA Tool

Why RCA is important and how QUASR can help you?

RCA is a critical safety and risk management process to understand why an incident occurs. But in many healthcare organizations, RCA isn’t being conducted frequent enough or on a timely basis as it is an elaborate and lengthy paper-based process.

At QUASR, we understood this pain and created an intuitive graphical RCA tool to digitize the process for the investigation team. This digital tool is easy to use and take some complexity out of the RCA process.

Highlights of QUASR RCA Tool

5 Whys

Create Limitless 5 Whys

Flexible 5 Whys tool for analyzing or investigating incidents with single or multiple potential causes. Drill down each cause by repeatedly asking “why”, leading to identifying the root cause.

Fish Bone Diagram

Ishikawa Diagrams Made Easy

Use a simple and intuitive graphical tool to generate a list of possible contributing factors of an incident. From this Fish Bone diagram root causes can be quickly identified.

Multiple Incidents RCA (MIRCA)

Single RCA For Multiple Incidents

Conduct a single RCA for multiple incidents of similar features. Ideal for near misses or minor incidents which happen frequently and have not been previously investigated.

RCAA Action Tracker


Use QUASR Action Tracker to assign and monitor risk mitigation actions recommended by the Investigation Team.

Benefits Offered by QUASR RCA Tool

1.  Simplify RCA process with our intuitive graphical tool

2.  Uncover the underlying process of systematic failures

3. Conduct single RCA for multiple incidents 

4. Built-in collaboration tools to communicate with stakeholders

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