QUASR Lite – Incident Repository for Quality and Risk Managers

QUASR Lite is an incident repository for Quality and Risk managers to digitize incident records and keep them in a secure online system. It is the first step towards digitalizing your incident management processes, starting from the Quality Management team.


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QUASR Lite Features for Small Healthcare Facilities

5 user licenses

5 user licenses

Intended users are QA manager, QA executives and selected Nursing staff assigned to managing incidents.


Individual hospital/facility

Designed for single hospital and medical facility to migrate from a manual to online incident management system.

Incident repository

Incident repository

A centralized repository for easy search & retrieval of incidents by departments, incident types and risk rating. Workflow automation is not included.

20 custom incident types

20 custom incident types

Pre-configured incident categories (Clinical, Non-Clinical and Workplace) and incident types and forms under each category.

Out-of-the-box solution

Out-of-the-box solution, not configurable

QUASR Lite is a ready-to-use solution delivered via a SaaS model. Configuration Tool is not included in the Lite Edition.

Pre-configured PDF incident reports

Pre-configured PDF incident reports

Automate your hospital report preparation with out-of-the box pre-configured PDF incident reports.

Who is QUASR Lite For?

QUASR Lite is an entry-level solution for the Quality Management team in smaller hospitals and medical facilities to digitalize and manage incident records. You can start with QUASR Lite and upgrade to QUASR Basic or Enterprise when your organization is ready for full automation of incident reporting process.

QUASR Lite is designed for healthcare facilities that have a small operational footprint. Clinics, specialty centres, and even small hospitals that are looking to get started with a simple digital incident management system.

Small Healthcare Facilities

If your organization is setting up an incident management process, or looking to digitalize your paper-based process, or want to bring structure to an existing simple document-based process, QUASR Lite is an ideal choice.

Online Incident Repository

Establishing an incident management involves multiple stakeholders and extensive training efforts as well. QUASR Lite is an effective way to get started by involving just the quality team and then upgrading to the entire organization.

Incident Management for Quality Team

Benefits of QUASR Lite Edition

  • ✅ Ready to use and quick to set up 
  • ✅ Improve incident data quality, consistency, and data security
  • ✅ Improve efficiency and productivity of Quality team
  • ✅ Easy monitoring and review of real-time data
  • ✅ Automate incident report generation
  • ✅ Quality team able to work remotely

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14-days free trial. No credit card required.