QUASR Lite - Online incident repository

Do you use paper forms to report incidents? Do you track incidents manually, excel or google forms? Time to go Digital! QUASR Lite is built just for you, to help you get started with digitizing your incidents.


Digitize your incidents

By bringing all your incident data into the online incident repository, you can spend your valuable time in managing incidents and not in maintaining files. You can record and track all your incidents, generate statistics all from one place.

Built for a healthcare setting

With over our 15 built-in incident types, from Clinical to Workplace safety incidents, QUASR Lite offers the whole spectrum of incident types and categories pertaining to any Healthcare setting. Track and manage all your incidents, classify them, categorize them, flag them, tag by severity - all in one place.


Personalize QUASR lite to suit your needs. Configure the system to suit your practice. With our built-in incident types, you can track falls, medication errors and many other types of clinical incidents. Looking for more? Create your own custom incident types and track them the way you want.

Only $49

When you take your first step in digitizing your data, cost shouldn't be a barrier. We bring to you the online incident repository for as low as $49 per month for upto 5 user licenses.

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Trends and statistics

Incident statistics sliced, diced and presented with trends. Compare trends by weeks, months or years, interact with your data and analyze your statistics with our interactive and responsive charts.

Raise productivity and performance

Cut out the possibility for human error, missing reports or duplicate reports. Keep your data accurate and confidential. Spend your time on analyzing statistics and trends, not on paperwork and follow-ups.

Data at fingertips

Track trends, analyse your statistics, visualise your data - all with our real-time interactive dashboards. Access your incident records and documents while on the move, anytime from anywhere.

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