Frequently asked questions and answers about QUASR

General FAQ

Yes. Just fill the demo request form and let us know your preferred demo date and our team will get in touch with you.

Yes! QUASR is a ready-to-use, easy-to-deploy and affordable solution designed for small to mid-sized hospitals, including other healthcare settings such as elderly care and nursing homes.

Yes, the solution is scalable and can also be implemented for a group of hospitals and healthcare facilities. Browse through some of the key benefits QUASR can offer.

Product FAQ

QUASR is a SaaS patient safety solution for all healthcare settings focusing on incident reporting and improvement actions.

QUASR digitalizes all the essential incident management processes, from incident notification, incident details and initial review to quality review, risk assessment, investigation/RCA, corrective actions and signoff.

QUASR is also an effective collaborative and communication platform to keep your stakeholders in the loop. The solution offers innovative features such as Incident Flags, Discussion Board, Protect Identity and Notes.

Data and Security

QUASR is hosted on a secured Amazon Web Services (AWS) private cloud in Singapore. 

We have taken all the necessary measures to ensure your data is secure. We ensure that QUASR application is always up to date with the latest security patches. Additionally, we take all the recommended precautions to ensure your data is secure throughout its lifecycle.

Multiple security measures to protect personal data are in place. Transmission control ensures data is encrypted before it is transmitted to the server. Encryption controls are set at the database layer and data at rest including backups.


Database is protected by both user login-based access control and by network-based login restrictions. Integrity and confidentiality controls are in the form of role-based user access, password policies, audit logs and server logs.

You do! All data is fully owned by your hospital.

Yes, our hosted services terms and conditions have extensive data protection clauses, including compliant to data protection laws and regulations such as GDPR and PDPA.

For more details refer our privacy policy 

Subscription Pricing FAQ

We have two value-based pricing plans. Pricing under each plan varies depending on the scale of your healthcare operations (eg. number of beds and number of employees).


Standard Plan
QUASR Standard Plan is an out-of-the-box full-featured solution. It can be deployed for a single hospital or a network of hospitals and healthcare facilities. You can use the self-configurable tools to customize incident categories, incident types and incident forms.

Premium Plan
QUASR Premium Plan is a full-featured solution that can be customized to meet your specifics requirements. The difference between Premium and Standard Plan is that Premium Plan allows for additional customization, such as workflow changes and system integration, subject to additional cost and system feasibility.

The subscription fee includes:


  • ✅ Rights to use software
  • ✅ Software maintenance and upgrades
  • ✅ Support services (helpdesk support, bug fixing and troubleshooting)
  • ✅ Cloud-hosting service with AWS Singapore

Absolutely. A lot of times, customers may need some help deciding what would work best for them. You can write to and our team will reach out to you to discuss.

Currently we only accept payment via bank transfer.


IT Admin has access to Admin Tool to manage departments, locations, users, email groups and doctors. IT Admin also has access to Incident Configuration Tool.

It allows IT Admin to configure incident categories, incident types, incident forms and contribution factors according to your hospital’s requirements using easy to use drag and drop features.

Yes. You can also configure your own incident forms to gather specific and relevant data you need.

Setup and Onboarding

Setup and onboarding process involve the following activities:


  1. ✅ For initial setup, you will provide customer Master Data, incident types & forms
  2. ✅ Set up QUASR instance
  3. ✅ Basic customization (for Premium Plan only)
  4. ✅ Train the trainer (for Premium Plan only)
  5. ✅ Launch

For Standard Plan, it will take 1 week. For Premium Plan, typical duration is 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the amount of customization required.

Yes, customization is chargeable based on time and effort and is subject to system feasibility.

Online training materials will be provided for users. For Premium Plan, 1 online train the trainer session is included for the core team. User training can be arranged internally by the core team.